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Proven high performance tyres.

Falken knows how to get the most out of a tyre. Sophisticated tread designs, coupled with precise handling, underlines Falken's commitment to delivering speed, stability and safety in both dry and wet conditions.

Now you can choose from a number of tyres to suit many vehicles and driving requirements, which are designed for enhanced driving performance whilst maintaining optimum fuel efficiency.

Ziex ZE912 Falken Ziex ZE912 12", 13", 14", 15", 16", 17", 18", 19", 20"
SIZEtooltip DIAMETERtooltip WIDTHtooltip ASPECTtooltip SPEEDtooltip LOADtooltip PRICEtooltip
165/60R12 12" 165mm 60 H(210 km/h) 71 GET QUOTE Shortlist
205/60R13 13" 205mm 60 H(210 km/h) 86 GET QUOTE Shortlist
175/65R14 14" 175mm 65 H(210 km/h) 82 GET QUOTE Shortlist
185/60R14 14" 185mm 60 H(210 km/h) 82 GET QUOTE Shortlist
185/65R14 14" 185mm 65 H(210 km/h) 86 GET QUOTE Shortlist
195/65R14 14" 195mm 65 H(210 km/h) 89 GET QUOTE Shortlist
205/50R15 15" 205mm 50 V(240 km/h) 86 GET QUOTE Shortlist
215/60R15 15" 215mm 60 H(210 km/h) 94 GET QUOTE Shortlist
225/50R15 15" 225mm 50 V(240 km/h) 91 GET QUOTE Shortlist
225/60R15 15" 225mm 60 W(270 km/h) 96 GET QUOTE Shortlist
205/65R16 16" 205mm 65 V(240 km/h) 95 GET QUOTE Shortlist
225/60R16 16" 225mm 60 H(210 km/h) 98 GET QUOTE Shortlist
225/60R16 16" 225mm 60 W(270 km/h) 98 GET QUOTE Shortlist
225/65R16 16" 225mm 65 H(210 km/h) 100 GET QUOTE Shortlist
245/50R16 16" 245mm 50 H(210 km/h) 97 GET QUOTE Shortlist
225/60R17 17" 225mm 60 H(210 km/h) 99 GET QUOTE Shortlist
235/65R17 17" 235mm 65 V(240 km/h) 108 GET QUOTE Shortlist
255/40R17 17" 255mm 40 W(270 km/h) 94 GET QUOTE Shortlist
255/60R17 17" 255mm 60 H(210 km/h) 106 GET QUOTE Shortlist
215/55R18 18" 215mm 55 H(210 km/h) 95 GET QUOTE Shortlist
225/55R18 18" 225mm 55 H(210 km/h) 98 GET QUOTE Shortlist
235/45R18 18" 235mm 45 W(270 km/h) 94 GET QUOTE Shortlist
235/55R18 18" 235mm 55 V(240 km/h) 100 $209.00 ea BOOK Shortlist
235/60R18 18" 235mm 60 V(240 km/h) 107 GET QUOTE Shortlist
235/65R18 18" 235mm 65 H(210 km/h) 106 GET QUOTE Shortlist
245/60R18 18" 245mm 60 H(210 km/h) 105 GET QUOTE Shortlist
255/55R18 18" 255mm 55 V(240 km/h) 109 GET QUOTE Shortlist
255/60R18 18" 255mm 60 V(240 km/h) 112 GET QUOTE Shortlist
265/60R18 18" 265mm 60 V(240 km/h) 110 GET QUOTE Shortlist
235/55R19 19" 235mm 55 W(270 km/h) 105 GET QUOTE Shortlist
245/55R19 19" 245mm 55 H(210 km/h) 103 $238.00 ea BOOK Shortlist
245/50R20 20" 245mm 50 V(240 km/h) 102 $259.00 ea BOOK Shortlist

Product Details Ziex ZE912

Ziex ZE912


Imagine an all season performance tyre designed to offer true grip and increased traction that ultimately advances driver confidence whatever the weather condition. With the ZIEX ZE-912, Falken has developed a tyre with full-depth sipes encircling the tread, coupled with high-volume circumferential grooves and high angle variable cross grooves, that bring together the spirit of performance driving in all climates. When faced with wet conditions, the ZIEX ZE-912 features increased hydroplane resistance and increased tread stability by evacuating water away, delivering improved grip composure, while its hybrid-asymmetric pattern produces better dry performance and genuine touring confidence during each and every season. The result is a tyre that performs regardless of the condition of the road.

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