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General Tire

General Tire

General Tire was founded in 1915.

General Tire is part of Continental Tire North America, Inc. based in Charlotte, North Carolina, and is a company of Germany-based Continental AG.

Grabber AT2 General Tire Grabber AT2 15", 16", 17", 18", 20"
SIZEtooltip DIAMETERtooltip WIDTHtooltip ASPECTtooltip SPEEDtooltip LOADtooltip PRICEtooltip
30X9.5R15 15" 9.5" S(180 km/h) 104 GET QUOTE Shortlist
31X10.5R15 15" 10.5" Q(160 km/h) 109 GET QUOTE Shortlist
33X12.5R15 15" 12.5" Q(160 km/h) 108 GET QUOTE Shortlist
35X12.5R15 15" 12.5" Q(160 km/h) 113 GET QUOTE Shortlist
235/75R15 15" 235mm 75 S(180 km/h) 109 GET QUOTE Shortlist
225/75R16 16" 225mm 75 S(180 km/h) 108 GET QUOTE Shortlist
235/85R16 16" 235mm 85 S(180 km/h) 120 GET QUOTE Shortlist
245/75R16 16" 245mm 75 S(180 km/h) 120 GET QUOTE Shortlist
255/65R16 16" 255mm 65 T(190 km/h) 109 GET QUOTE Shortlist
255/70R16 16" 255mm 70 S(180 km/h) 111 GET QUOTE Shortlist
265/70R16 16" 265mm 70 S(180 km/h) 112 GET QUOTE Shortlist
265/75R16 16" 265mm 75 Q(160 km/h) 123 GET QUOTE Shortlist
285/75R16 16" 285mm 75 Q(160 km/h) 122 $295.00 ea BOOK Shortlist
255/65R17 17" 255mm 65 H(210 km/h) 110 GET QUOTE Shortlist
265/65R17 17" 265mm 65 T(190 km/h) 112 GET QUOTE Shortlist
265/70R17 17" 265mm 70 Q(160 km/h) 121 $275.00 ea BOOK Shortlist
285/75R17 17" 285mm 75 R(170 km/h) 121 GET QUOTE Shortlist
255/60R18 18" 255mm 60 H(210 km/h) 112 GET QUOTE Shortlist
275/65R18 18" 275mm 65 Q(160 km/h) 123 GET QUOTE Shortlist
285/60R18 18" 285mm 60 Q(160 km/h) 122 GET QUOTE Shortlist
305/50R20 20" 305mm 50 T(190 km/h) 120 GET QUOTE Shortlist

Product Details Grabber AT2

Grabber AT2

General Tire

The Grabber AT² is a technological masterpiece. Tested by American off-road specialists under the toughest conditions, the Grabber AT² is the result of years of developments on the most varied grounds. Comfortable on asphalt, robust and strong traction off-road - show your strength.

With its tread pattern and further improved rubber compound, the Grabber AT² provides an excellent grip in all weathers. The extensive high-torsion tread lugs ensure excellent propulsion both on stony and muddy ground.

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