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How To Check Your Car Tyre Pressure | Bob Jane T-Marts

February 05, 2019

For optimal safety it’s a good idea to have your tyre pressure checked every few weeks. Before you start pining for the old days when it was a service offered at the service station, we promise you it’s a simple task and should only take a minute.

Each car make and model will have a different tyre pressure requirement. You can find the ideal pressure for your car on a placard located on the driver’s side door.

There are two different pressures specified. One is for a normal car load (think you and a mate or two), and the other is for a full load (more like the movie National Lampoon’s Vacation).

To check your tyre pressure, you’ll need to pick up a pressure gauge from your local auto store. Check your tyre pressure before you start driving, while the tyres are still cool.

Simply unscrew the cap on the tyre, attach the gauge to check, remove and screw the cap back on.

Bob Jane T-Marts AFLW Ambassador Libby Birch^ has created a video for us, showing just how easy it is. If you’re still stuck, pop in and see the team at your local Bob Jane T-Marts store.

(^Libby Birch- Former Western Bulldogs AFLW Player.)

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