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Take Control.

BFGoodrich tyres know what it takes to meet the expectations of demanding drivers who are looking for control, performance and fun driving.

But that's no real surprise when it comes to America's first rubber company. Its innovative approach that has made BFGoodrich a legend in the tyre industry, produces a line up of products that match, keeping it's legendary status alive and well on the road as well as the track.

All-Terrain T/A KO BFGoodrich All-Terrain T/A KO 15", 16", 17", 17", 20"
SIZEtooltip DIAMETERtooltip WIDTHtooltip ASPECTtooltip SPEEDtooltip LOADtooltip PRICEtooltip
30X9.5R15 15" 9.5" S(180 km/h) 104 GET QUOTE Shortlist
31X10.5R15 15" 10.5" S(180 km/h) 109 GET QUOTE Shortlist
33X10.5R15 15" 10.5" R(170 km/h) 114 GET QUOTE Shortlist
215/75R15 15" 215mm 75 S(180 km/h) 100 GET QUOTE Shortlist
235/75R15 15" 235mm 75 S(180 km/h) 104 GET QUOTE Shortlist
215/70R16 16" 215mm 70 R(170 km/h) 100 GET QUOTE Shortlist
225/70R16 16" 225mm 70 R(170 km/h) 102 GET QUOTE Shortlist
235/70R16 16" 235mm 70 S(180 km/h) 104 GET QUOTE Shortlist
235/85R16 16" 235mm 85 S(180 km/h) 120 GET QUOTE Shortlist
245/70R16 16" 245mm 70 S(180 km/h) 113 GET QUOTE Shortlist
255/70R16 16" 255mm 70 S(180 km/h) 115 GET QUOTE Shortlist
295/75R16 16" 295mm 75 R(170 km/h) 123 GET QUOTE Shortlist
35X12.5R16.5 16.5" 12.5" R(170 km/h) 123 GET QUOTE Shortlist
245/70R17 17" 245mm 70 R(170 km/h) 119 GET QUOTE Shortlist
265/65R17 17" 265mm 65 S(180 km/h) 120 GET QUOTE Shortlist
275/65R17 17" 275mm 65 S(180 km/h) 121 GET QUOTE Shortlist
315/70R17 17" 315mm 70 R(170 km/h) 121 GET QUOTE Shortlist
285/55R20 20" 285mm 55 T(190 km/h) 117 GET QUOTE Shortlist

Product Details All-Terrain T/A KO

All-Terrain T/A KO


Satisfy your hunger for a challenge with the predatory power of BFGoodrich All-Terrain T/A KO 4x4 tyre. This ferociously tough tyre lets you plough through rocks and dirt with ease. A dual tread radius improves stress distribution, decreasing irregular wear and increasing tread life up to 12%. A high void all-terrain tread design means BFGoodrich All-Terrain T/A KO tyres devour sticky situations, leaving you hungry for more. Go wild with the power of the many crowned kings of Baja and Paris Dakar.

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balance, tubeless valves, GST & tyre disposal. Excludes Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems.

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