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    4x4 & Commercial Tyre Guide

    August 22, 2018

    When you’re off-roading or hauling cargo that’s heavier than the weekly groceries, you need more than just a standard car tyre.

    Commercial and 4x4 tyres have a stronger construction than everyday passenger vehicle tyres, allowing them to better perform off-road and carry heavier loads.

    However, based on the loads you’ll be carrying and off-roading you’ll be doing, selecting the right commercial and off-road tyres for the job can be difficult.

    Commercial & 4x4 Tyre Types

    When it comes to commercial and 4x4 tyres, there are four main types to consider. Which one is right for you will depend on the type of driving and frequency of off-roading you will be doing.

    Highway Terrain Tyres (H/T)

    • Most similar to a standard car tyre

    • Comes standard on most passenger and dual-cab utes

    • Better suited to the tarmac and infrequent light off-roading, compared to more aggressive 4x4 and commercial tyres

    • Typically has higher speed symbol and lower load index

    All-Terrain Tyres (A/T)

    • Offers good balance between off-road capabilities and general sealed road use

    • Deeper and more aggressive tread compared to Highway Terrain tyres

    • Strength and pattern styles differ between manufacturers

    • Moderate speed symbol and load index

    Mud Terrain Tyres (M/T)

    • The best type of tyre for off-roading, however, has poor sealed road performance

    • Extremely aggressive tread patterns

    • Has a higher rolling resistance which leads to increased fuel consumption and road noise

    • Lower speed symbol but higher load index

    Light Truck Tyres (L/T)

    • Light truck tyres offer great strength and puncture resistance than a standard tyre

    • This designation can be applied to A/T and M/T tyres, which displays that these types are stronger than ‘standard’ variants

    • L/T designated tyres are ideal for serious off-roading or long-distance touring

    • Moderate speed symbol but far higher load index

    Commercial & 4x4 Tyre Sizing

    When it comes to commercial and 4x4 tyres, there are four main sizing systems used:

    • Light Truck High Flotation

    • Light Truck Metric

    • Light Truck Numeric

    • European Metric

    All sizing refers to the performance requirements of both the vehicle and the tyre, in line with the varying applications for these types of vehicles.

    Light Truck High Flotation


    This sizing system evolved in the mid-1970s as lower aspect ratio tyres became more popular on 4x4 and commercial vehicles.

    Light Truck Metric


    This sizing system was introduced to mirror the system used for sizing passenger tyres.

    European Metric

    Although not highly popular in Australia, some brands use this sizing style.

    Light Truck Numeric

    This older system is still widely used, mostly on commercial vehicles.


    Whether you’re hauling cargo or prefer exploring trails in a national park, Bob Jane T-Marts has a commercial and 4x4 tyre to suit your needs. To find which tyres are suitable for your vehicle, contact your local Bob Jane T-Marts or use our tyre finder tool today!