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Why You Should Upgrade to Alloy Wheels | Bob Jane T-Marts

May 15, 2019
Why You Should Upgrade to Alloy Wheels | Bob Jane T-Marts

Alloy, alloy … reasons to upgrade your wheels

Once the sole preserve of race cars and high-end sporty numbers, alloy wheels have become popular additions to vehicles of all types over the past 10 years or so. But while they certainly upgrade a car’s appearance, is investing in a set of alloy wheels a good idea for you?

What is an alloy wheel?

Usually cars come fitted with durable, practical steel wheels as standard. Most alloy wheels are made from cast aluminium alloy, which is a lot stronger and lighter than steel. These are often referred to as mag wheels, but magnesium is rarely used as an alloy for wheels because it can be brittle and susceptible to corrosion. Alloy wheels are perfect for high-performance situations, which is why you’ll see them on racing vehicles.

The benefits of alloys

Well, they do look good and a lot of people buy them to give their car a cosmetic upgrade (not that there’s anything wrong with that). But there are other reasons to invest in alloy wheels, too.

  • Their design allows them to dissipate heat more easily, which provides better braking performance. It also means tyres wear out less quickly because they stay cooler.
  • They allow the suspension to follow the terrain more closely, providing tyres with a better grip, which in turn helps steering and cornering.
  • Because they weigh less than steel wheels, there can be a small increase in fuel efficiency.
  • They are less likely to rust than steel wheels, which can be particularly beneficial for anyone living near the beach.
  • They are completely airtight, so are an excellent choice if you use tubeless tyres.

For the best advice on whether alloy wheels are right for your car, drop into your local Bob Jane T-Marts and get one of our consultants to give you the low down.

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