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Hema Map Patrol - Monster AMMO wheels and Goodyear Wrangler DuraTrack tyre review

June 01, 2022
Hema Map Patrol - Monster AMMO wheels and Goodyear Wrangler DuraTrack tyre review

The Hema Toyota LC79 Map Patrol vehicle recently embarked on an exhaustive 9 day data collection trip to K’gari (Fraser Island), Queensland. The aim was a complete overhaul of all previous data of the Island. Field data collection encompasses capturing new and updated road, track and point of interests to revise and update print and digital versions of Hema products. This process is a vital component of the Hema brand and cannot be carried out effectively without superior quality tyres. Bob Jane T-Marts recently supplied the Map Patrol with a full set of Goodyear Wrangler DuraTrack tyres on Monster AMMO wheels to support us with this task and our ongoing work.

The Goodyear Wrangler DuraTrack tyres proved themselves to be an excellent fit for such a job. Featuring high angle centre tread blocks in a self cleaning pattern, these tyres had no trouble hauling the 79 series up and over every obstacle we threw at it. While on sealed roads, the Map Patrol ran at 48 psi front and 55 psi rear. This fit the weight distribution well and allowed for a smooth ride, while also preventing unnecessary wear and tear. Pressures were dropped on well kept dirt roads by 10 psi each. Sufficiently softening the ride while still keeping shape and limiting bend in the side walls. For track and sand driving, pressures were dropped further to 20 psi front and 25 psi rear to help smooth out the ever present corrugations on those dusty tracks. This gave the tyres plenty of play to grab on rough tracks and obstacles. Map Patrol ran extensively at these pressures, with speeds up to 80kph on 75 Mile Beach, up and down endless beach access tracks and over plenty of fallen branches and other debris on less utilised tracks, all without issue.

Ngkala Rocks proved to be the only location where lower pressures were required to deal with the deep, soft powder like sand that this pass is known for. Dropping pressures down to 14 psi front and 18 psi rear, we breezed through without issue in both directions. Such low pressures helped the tyres spread to increase the surface area which allowed Map Patrol to move over, rather than through the sand. The side walls and bead handled the job well, however it's good practice to air back up once you are through such obstacles.

No matter the weather conditions, there was plenty of traction on and off road. The tread pattern is on the angrier side, so some road noise was expected, however the DuraTracks performed well on road, with noise levels no more than standard all terrain tread patterns. Experiencing the best of both worlds, these tyres maintain traction on tarmac in wet weather, unlike full mud terrains. A perfect match for those who want a capable off road tyre on the weekend, without sacrificing their weekday commute.

The Goodyear Wrangler DuraTrack tyres are an excellent fit for 4x4 drivers who want off road performance without sacrificing safety or longevity of their tyres. After significant field work, highway and city driving, there is no feathering or adverse wear to speak of. This comes down to Bob Jane T-Marts professional service which resulted in well balanced and aligned tyres. After some serious off-roading, they have remained solid.

Nick Cruickshank Field Administrator (Hema Maps)

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