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How Old Are Your Tyres | Bob Jane T-Marts

January 22, 2019

How old are your tyres?

We are often left scratching our heads when it comes to understanding the lifespan of our tyres. It can be challenging determining the life and health of our tyres, as it is completely dependent on the conditions the tyres are exposed to throughout their life.

Such factors include the changes in temperature, the level of sun exposure, the storage conditions, the usage and maintenance. All of these things contribute to the rate at which your tyres will age.

Getting a bargain is something everyone loves, but if it’s a cheap tyre it could be too good to be true. It’s in this instance that it’s worthwhile knowing how to check the age of the tyre so you can decide if it’s a good deal or a dangerous short cut.

All tyres will have a four-digit Tyre Identification Number (TIN) located on the side. This begins with the letters DOT and ends with the week and year it was made. For example if the digits are 0416, it was produced in the fourth week of 2016.

If the tyre is more than five years old, ensure you have it checked regularly in-store. The rubber in an aged tyre is more likely to harden and crack, which can go on to create other problems with the performance of the rest of the wheel due to decreased flexibility. This means that most tyres will need replacing before they hit 10 years old.

They are likely to have less tread, which reduces traction and stability across all roads and various weather conditions. They are also more probable to have cracks or structural damage. We strongly advise you book into Bob Jane T-Marts to replace your tyres.

To maintain longevity of your tyres, it is suggested you consistently and regularly check your tyre pressure every two weeks. We recommend heading into your nearest Bob Jane T-Marts to rotate your tyres and balance your wheels every 10,000 kilometres and to have your wheel alignment as well to maximise your tyre life. To get monthly updates, sign up to our free Tyre Check Tuesday SMS, which you will receive on the first Tuesday of every month.

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