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Tyre Storage | Bob Jane T-Marts

June 01, 2019
Tyre Storage | Bob Jane T-Marts

Some of us like to change our tyres according to our upcoming driving conditions to ensure optimal safety and performance. If you’re purchasing additional tyres, it is important to store them correctly – getting it wrong can compromise our vehicle’s safety and performance on the road.

Store your excess tyres in four manageable steps:

1. Clean tyres before they are stored
Before storing, it is suggested you clean your tyres. Simply follow the written guide Four Steps to Successfully Clean your Tyre. It suggests removing any dust or grit that will prevent your tyres from further damage.

2. Wrap and seal
It is advisable to wrap and seal the tyres in plastic to help protect them from any sun exposure and various other potentially damaging elements. By wrapping each tyre, you are also reducing any oil evaporation.

3. Store standing upright
The tyres should be stored in an upright position. We recommend you avoid stacking or hanging the tyres because this can lead to structural deformities.

4. Store in dry and cool location
Keep your tyres away from direct sunlight as the UV light is detrimental to the rubber, reducing the life and quality of the tyre.

Effectively storing your tyres is important. Using these steps as a guide will help slow the aging process of your tyres. For further tyre recommendations and advice, head into your nearest Bob Jane T-Marts store.

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