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Bob Jane T-Marts is excited to be teaming up with 4WD Adventures & Training Australia

May 16, 2022
Bob Jane T-Marts is excited to be teaming up with 4WD Adventures & Training Australia

Bob Jane T-Marts is excited to be teaming up with 4WD Adventures & Training Australia. The partnership sees Bob Jane T-Marts supporting their fleet of 4WD vehicles with Monster Off Road Wheels and various top brand All-Terrain (AT) tyres, ensuring that quality 4WD training is supported with safe, reliable and quality brand wheels and tyres.

4WD Adventures and Training Australia, located in Wamuran, just north of Brisbane, offers tours and training that are designed to provide the ultimate 4WD experience that will leave trainees and/or tour participants feeling comfortable and confident while equipping them with the necessary 4WD driving skills to get out there and experience the amazing Australian landscape in their own 4WDs with their mates.

The training courses are provided by qualified and experienced 4WDers / Trainers and are available from beginners to advanced learners. “We average around 60 P-Platers and 8 L-Platers a year” said Michael Boyle, Owner/Operator of 4WD Adventures & Training Australia. “There is a lot of interest from young drivers and parents who understand that 4WD ownership requires additional skills to safely go off-road in Australia. Bob Jane T-Marts are always wanting to educate and encourage the newcomers, which is one of the many reasons why we partnered up with them.”

Bob Jane T-Marts will now provide 4WD Adventures & Training Australia with tyre and wheel packages for each vehicle used for training. AT tyres from brands such as BFGoodrich, Bridgestone, Yokohama, Goodyear and Falken have been provided covering popular AT, hybrids such as the Yokohama G016 and Mud Terrain (MT) patterns.

The aim is to get trainees to experience the same environment using different tyre brands and patterns so they can make more informed and educated decision on what tyres suit their needs and preferences the most. “It helps having an independent tyre retailer on board who stocks all the top tyre brands,” adds Michael.

“All our courses are pre-designed and can be structured in different ways to meet the trainees’ requirements and now, with the help of Bob Jane T-Marts, we can make sure our wheels and tyres are always in top condition, providing the additional layer of safety and confidence expected from our participants. Learners will be up to speed and feeling confident in no time,” concludes Michael.

So, if you want to see crystal clear waters, sandy desert dunes or the roughest 4WD tracks that cover all corners of our beautiful country, then Bob Jane T-Marts and 4WD Adventures and Training Australia can equip you with the required skills and wheels to get you there safely, and back again.

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