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    Monster Ammo Available at Bob Jane T-Marts Now

    December 06, 2021

    Monster Off Road Wheels have launched their new Monster Ammo 4x4 wheel range in Australia, and its available at Bob Jane T-Marts now. The Monster Ammo wheel is packed with technology making it both function and stylish for 4x4 owners. The majority of the Monster Ammo wheel range is manufactured using a process called "Flow Formed", which provides a number of benefits that most 4x4 owners would find appealing when considering a wheel purchase for their 4x4:

    Benefits include:

    Improvements in weight
    Thanks to the flow forming process the wheel weighs significantly less than a wheel of the same specifications manufactured in a cast construction. Having a lightweight wheel reduces unsprung weight, which is a major advantage when making modifications to a 4x4. In addition to the modification benefits, an improvement in unsprung weight can also provide improvements in vehicle handling and reductions in fuel consumption.

    Improvements in wheel material strength
    The strength of a flow formed wheel is significantly stronger than a cast constructed wheel. The flow forming process results in an increase in tensile strength (resistance of a material to break under tension) on various parts of the wheel over a cast wheel of the same design. This works great for every day road hazards when driving on-road and when taking the 4x4 off-road.

    Increased elongation
    Elongation is one area where flow forming not only stands out but really separates itself from a cast wheel. Elongation is essentially the amount of flex the wheel can absorb before arriving at its breaking point. Flow formed wheels provide an increase in elongation in the barrel area, which is an exceptional benefit to keeping you safe when using the wheel on- and off-road.

    Higher load rating
    Due to the fact that flow forming technology increases the tensile strength of a wheel design, this also translates to a higher load rating capability in comparison to a cast wheel. This again equals to a stronger wheel.

    It is available in two colour options, Satin Black and Black Tint (featured in the image above).

    Introductory Range

    17x8.58.517150051203065.1Black Tint
    17x8.58.517150051203065.1Satin Black
    17x8.58.5171500512035110.2Satin Black
    17x8.58.51715006114.33066.1Black Tint
    17x8.58.51715006114.33066.1Satin Black
    17x8.58.51715006139.720106.1Black Tint
    17x8.58.51715006139.720106.1Satin Black
    17x8.58.51715006139.730106.1Black Tint
    17x8.58.51715006139.730106.1Satin Black
    17x991715005150-5110.2Satin Black
    17x991715005150-5110.2Black Tint
    17x991715006139.7-5110.2Satin Black
    17x991715006139.7-5110.2Black Tint
    18x8.58.518150051203065.1Satin Black
    18x8.58.518150051203065.1Black Tint
    18x8.58.51815006114.33066.1Satin Black
    18x8.58.51815006114.33066.1Black Tint
    18x8.58.51815006139.720106.1Satin Black
    18x8.58.51815006139.720106.1Black Tint
    18x8.58.51815006139.730106.1Satin Black
    18x8.58.51815006139.730106.1Black Tint
    18x99181500515035110.2Satin Black
    18x99181500515035110.2Black Tint

    For more information on the suitability of a wheel for your 4x4 contact your nearest Bob Jane T-Marts Store.